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Velumus Rai

Central Rai- Often just called Central. Where most business happens. Richest part of Rai.

Ignus- Fire like kingdom. Ruled by Abius, Goddess of Heat. Mostly deserted canyon.

Monta Droug- The earth kigdom. Lakes, rivers, forests, and the outskirts are mostly a  rocky mountain area. The largest city in next to central Rai. Ruled by Copper, God of Ground.

Silivus- Land of Spirit. Mostly temples high in the mountain. A very sacred place. Contains the portal to Siriti.

Cadia Islands- The Island nation located off the northeastern coast. Ruled by the Goddess of the sea, Cadia.

Avolytius- The city located up in the mountains, completely surrounded by mountain terrain. Ruled by the God of Wind, Kaibu.

Not sure if I messed upon that sleeve or not, but I’m too lazy to correct it right now if I did.

Not sure if I messed upon that sleeve or not, but I’m too lazy to correct it right now if I did.

Four Horseman

The four horseman are a newly developed group of people with purpose of performing the ritual to summon Dorell through trinkets they carry around their neck.

They reigned for about 200 years causing mayhem throughout the realms. Death lead them. Beforehand they were always friends and upon locating four items crafted by Dorell himself, became overwhelmed and decided to become the Horseman of the Apocalypse. Each able to craft their own ‘horse’ out of their element. Death being bone, Famine being rotten, War being fire and Pestilence with insects. 

The gang dispersed after Julian realized he had fallen for a human woman, wanting to settle down with her. Korruzi was completely against this, claiming the woman was a witch, controlling him and tricking him, and so he killed her in hopes Julian would snap out of it. However, not being the case, the two went to war for a long period until Aasif got in between, causing his own death. The two seized their bickering and were never heard of walking the grounds of Rai again. 

They consist of:

Death: Wears pale green and carries a scythe. Boss/Julian. Trinket is an hourglass. A spirit. power was to raise the dead for attack methods by stealing the souls of people. Also known as grim reaper.

Famine: Wears black and carries a bag. Lokii. Trinket is a coin. A demigod with the power to create explosive fire, but with the power of the coin created a vortex in which the thing she exploded would travel to. He can decide where to keep the objects or return them

War: Wears red and carries around a double sided axe. Korruzi, god of corruption and punishment. Trinket is a sharp tooth. Has the ability to stur up hateful feeling and anger in others, also able to cause streaks of violence in people. Turns people against each other.

Pestilence: White hair, clothes undefined. (Is associated with white.) Aasif. Trinket is a small piece of amber with a bejeweled locust encased in it. Has the ability to spread diseases and plague into any place he chooses, and affects everything, even the impervious demon. 

The Script of Talosis

And with Passion can come a deep Hatred that too, may give him power.

His Energy is Dark and fueled by Greed and Envy, that spirals into a hungry flame.

And for his imbalances come a significant amount of disturbance.

He is loud and angry and Wrathful to those whom he blames.

And though it is not he who may be at fault, but those who have applies the pressure and boiled his tranquil water.

His Freedom is sealed and his Happiness is thin.

His breaths are Sorrowful and masked for Reason.

For him, walking these grounds is an aching curse that he does not take lightly.

His spirit is dull and Darkness consumes him.

Evil is Evil and overpowers his Good.

And with this, he is permanently Corrupted.